Interview: SIIINES

PUMP Sessions Interview Series Presents: SIIINES

SIIINES is a dynamic electro-rock trio making waves in Los Angeles and on the verge of packing dance floors across the country. I recently stumbled onto their video for "Oh Yeah!" and could not stop listening. I must have replayed the clip a dozen times. I immediately reached out to their management and requested an interview. These guys are not only rad, they're absolute pros. So turn up your speakers, click play on the accompanying videos, and kick back for a minute. Hell, it's Friday. You deserve it. x

P: First off, welcome and thank you the interview. 

Where did you come up with the name SIIINES? Please explain, because it’s what caught my eye while trolling the industry blogs… 

S: A “sine wave” is a mathematical representation of a continuous frequency - the basis of sound. We thought SIIINES looked and sounded cool. 

How did the three of you end up in Los Angeles? What part of LA do you live in? And where is everyone from originally? 

Morgan and I are Canadian but we moved to Hollywood last year to work on music. A friend of ours was dancing at Crazy Girls one night and suggested we meet her friend Gina (DJ GENE (born in Vegas)). It’s been true love ever since!

And how long have you been playing music together? From your tight hooks, strong vocals, and hot beats, I’m assuming this isn’t your first rodeo…  

Morgan and I have been working as songwriters/producers and in bands for about 7 years, haha and yeah we’ve rodeo-ed a few times.

SIIINES - "Oh Yeah!" 

I recently heard your song on one of the many industry A&R sites that have sprouted up over the past few years. What sort of attention has come your way thus far? 

We’re doing our best to stay out of the industry bullshit. It can really get in the way of what matters. That’s a job best suited for management. We’ve been in the studio writing music and creating our stage show.

The reason I ask a pointed question like that is not to put you on the spot, but out of genuine curiosity because your sound – while fucking raunchy and sexy – is definitely commercially appealing. Whatever the fuck that means. But I’m fascinated to hear about the creatures that crawl out of the darkness once a spotlight shines through the haze of mediocrity. 

Yeah, we have some tour options coming our way – too early to say anything about them yet though. Stay tuned.

Your manager seems like a cool guy. Who else have you brought on to your team to help build the SIIINES machine? PR? Agent? 

We’re basically all in-house right now. Aside from Stevie D doing the photos and video we do everything ourselves. I’m sure once we’ve completed our record we’ll look into putting a bigger team together.

It must be a raging dance party during your set. Where rooms have you played so far? And have you done any touring outside of Los Angeles? 

Morgan and I have years of touring under our belts and Gina has been killing it DJing. Come see a show I guarantee a drunken night of Soul Train.

Any crazy show stories? Outrageous fan requests? Sex in the green room? 


I’m dying to hear who produced “Oh Yeah!”, “Sex on the Dance Floor”, and “Sex Drugs & Rock n Roll” because the sound is so clean. Very professional, which is a rarity for most party rock bands starting out. 

We co-produced the songs with Matt Skopyk of Mass Choir. The guy is truly a mad scientist! He’s currently building a leather jacket with intergraded LED and USB/MIDI controllers on it. The guy is nuts!

What is your writing process like? Who is the beat master? The lyricist? 

We like writing in different ways. Sometimes someone will come in with a song written on acoustic guitar. Sometimes Morgan and I will write one together. Other times he’ll come up with a beat and Ill top line some ideas on it. 

We love collaborating with people too. We’ll be writing some songs with Stevie D from Buckcherry and the plan is to work with our friend Jay from the band USS out of Toronto. We like to mix it up as much as possible.

SIINES - "Sex On The Dance Floor"

Who is the first person to hear new material outside of the SIIINES core? And how do you like to play music once it’s ready to be taken out of the studio? I know I like a good car ride, blasting the CD or MP3 through the stereo to hear what it will actually sound like to the general population. 

Uuuhhh… I think it was Stevie actually. We were on a photo shoot with him and showed him the first couple songs we had. We had his car stereo going pretty good! 

I read that your video for “Oh Yeah!” was filmed over a few days around LA with your friend Stevie D. I fucking love Buckcherry, by the way. And he fucking rocks. I’m familiar with his photography. Did he direct? And what was the concept? Besides vintage sexy awesome, that is… 

Morgan and I had a plan to shoot the video ourselves at an old motel in Boron CA. but a day or two before, we bumped into Stevie at Guitar Center and asked him if he wanted to be involved. He was stoked about it and next day we sat for hours at a Starbucks downtown and came up with a treatment. 

The only thing we knew for sure was that we didn’t want another boring rock video where everyone in the band were trying there best to look awesome while playing their instruments in some abandoned warehouse. BRUTAL!! The plan was to create snap shots of our life that would look cool on camera. Keep your eyes peeled for more videos to come. We’re going to be releasing one for every song we release.

I love that you use the term House and Roll to describe your sound. Who came up with that line? That’s some Jerry Wexler shit right there.

I came up with it... I can’t even remember where we put it. Twitter? I don’t know.

A lot of old school critics complain of the lack of original music in pop today, but I think that is complete bullshit. I don’t honestly think any music has been completely original since the pre-war American Blues. Ever since, each generation has borrowed from its predecessors. What are your thoughts on that? 

It's impossible to find something completely original… so it's a bit of a moot point… the real problem is the lack of creativity from lazy artists/writers...
It seems like bands are more focused on making money rather than music. 

Bands should make money for the work they put out and the shows they put on but not at the expense of writing a shitty song cause you think that radio will play it or some major label will buy it. 

That way of thinking breeds mediocrity. I find that I can't even listen to the radio anymore! We write to excite ourselves and try to do something that feels fresh to us. We don't care about anyone else. 
Agreed. I dig your style. Very rock n roll. A bit rough and tumble, which I think is missing from most of our current scene, for lack of a better word. What fashion labels are you loyal to? And favorite vintage shops in LA? 
No vintage here. Not apposed to it just prefer new. You can’t go wrong with a pair or Nudies or Ksubis. We spend a lot of time at All Saints…. Chuck Taylors always work for shoes. Our rule of thumb is – Spend the money on the jeans and jackets, everything else you can cheap out on. 
How about stage attire? Same as every-day attire, just cleaner? 
There’s no real difference as of yet - we try to look good all the time. Haha maybe we should get into costumes! 
Where’s the after party at? Up in the hills or a basement speakeasy off the strip? And what about the day-after-the-gig hangover brunch? 
We’ll go out anywhere! We’ll start at The Edison and end up at Jumbos Clown Room. Bring it on! In the morning we’ll hit up Urth CafĂ© or do a Whole Foods run. 

Well thank you so much for your time and energy. Can’t wait to hear more music. In the meantime, what can our readers expect from SIIINES in the near future? Any label interest so far? Upcoming gigs? Tour? Records? 
The plan is to finish our album and then TOUR TOUR TOUR! Keep checking in for details 
So rad. Please let your new fans know where they can find your music, Facebook, Twitter, etc etc etc. And please check back in with us again real soon. Much love and peace. 
You can get us WWW.SIIINES.COM