Girl With The Cafe Racer

This is Rooney Mara, aka The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. And she rides a cafe racer.
One of my favorite custom motorcycle blogs posted these photos and videos from the upcoming blockbuster film. To say this trilogy was my favorite read of 2011 would be an understatement, so when the Swedish film came out, I immediately watched all three (I was late to the party, so they were all already out on Netflix). They were incredible. When I read that Hollywood was re-doing them, American style, I was a bit remiss. But then Daniel Craig signed on and I've been waited with bated breath ever since. Of course, now it's been out for weeks and I still haven't seen it. That ends this week, thanks to this photo and the videos below...

"For the upcoming US release of David Fincher's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, actress Rooney Mara has done away with the MX style motorcycle ridden by her character in the original 2009 release of the film. Instead her character Lisbeth Sanders the "goth detective" will be seen riding an all black, Cafe Racer styled, Honda CL350."

"The footage above was shot by a Swedish film crew showing Rooney during motorcycle training riding the Honda CL350 Cafe Racer. Check out the trailer below for some quick shots of the bike in the final production."

 More photos of Rooney and the bikes from the film HERE. x