So, this must be the freedom that our brothers and sisters are dying to defend in the Middle East.

For shame any protester acting unnecessarily aggressive toward a police officer just trying to do their job during this movement. You will be arrested and you make us all look bad.

But to any police officer using unwarranted force against a peaceful protest in this country, you are a disgrace to your badge and an abomination to your code.

Keep it peaceful, keep it non-violent. Keep if real. Fight the power.

Pepper-sprayed protester, Elizabeth Nichols, from The Oregonian:

Nichols said a policewoman jabbed her in the ribs with a baton and pressed it against her throat. That made her angry.

She yelled at the officer, saying she was being mistreated. That's when another officer shot her with pepper spray. A photo by The Oregonian's Randy L. Rasmussen, which flashed across social media websites, shows Nichols was sprayed from a few feet away.

"It felt like my face, ears and hands were on fire," she said.