America Speaking Out

This is amazing. Hilarious, but amazing.

America Speaking Out is a new GOP website where like-minded simple folk can debate on what to do with baby killing pussies like myself.

I am in love.

Friends, family, lovers, if I don't pick up the phone or respond to email, Facebook or Twitter...

You can find me at this website. Fucking with Republicans on any issue I can either make up or reply to.

Please, I beg of you. Check out some of the topics being discussed on this site.

Some of them are priceless.

The best part: There are already so many liberal pranksters on here that I have been laughing for a straight hour.

And I can't stop laughing.

Just a few posts from the "American Values" section of the site:

Patriot102 "All this talk of oil spill is just another liberal media propaganda. Has anyone even SEEN the oil? NO because it doesn't exist. The extreme left wing only wants you to have windmills powered by the cow f@rts, and oil is so bad or something. OIL COMES FROM YOUR SKIN, it can't be that bad. He||, you even fry your chicken fingers in it for crepes sake. great, now i need some chicken fingers."

Mr. Poe "Order IMMEDIATE professional psychiatric help for Glenn Beck."

Nes232 "They should close down bodegas that don't sell American pie, and deport all the workers."

Couscous "I should have the right to name my children using numbers. If I want to name my child l33t, I should be able to name him that, darsh gone it. Who is the guberment to say that I can't name my children using numbers?"

Redblooded "Raise taxes on those making under $200,000 per year as an incentive for them to do better. Reward the hardworking free enterprise success stories making more than $200,000 per year with no taxes and, in fact, bonuses from the IRS that will help grow jobs and stimulate the economy. If anyone experiences a hardship, the under-successful types can work off their tax debt by working as housekeepers/cooks and groundskeepers/ranch hands."

Newsom "I don't like how bike riders are always showing off with their skinny shorts. If they like wearing their skinny shorts, they should do that when their with the men who like that, not me."

and finally...

MJ "Aramaic as the Official Language of the US. We do this to respect two facts: this is a Christian Nation and Jesus spoke Aramaic, therefore, that should be our language as well. Anyone who refuses to speak the language of our Lord should be deported back to where they came from. This includes the Native Americans."