Bank Shot

A New Mexican state congressman has put forth a bill to store the state's money in local, community banks, rather than in it's usual location: Bank of America. And it's gathering votes in the Senate. What's shocking is that Bank of America lobbyists are nowhere to be seen. Probably because if they do speak up, no PR campaign will save them.

This is so American on every level.

The congressman was inspired by Arianna Huffington's inspirational movement to "fire the big financial institutions" and put our money in local banks. Say what you want about the left-leaning HuffPost, but usually Arianna and Co have their hearts in the right place. Which is the American people. And this movement needs to gain momentum.

Bush and Obama both said our banks are too big to fail. So you know what I say?

Let's make them smaller.

I have spent the last couple of weeks scouting local banks on the west side of Los Angeles, so I can finally tell Chase to fuck off once and for all.

Go New Mexico. Go America.

Let's do this.